Consider This…

When you think about storing your whole home do you look at each room and say “How is all of this going to fit in one unit?” You are not alone; in our many years in the storage industry we get that same reaction when we show customers the right unit for their items.

There are a few important points to remember about space when you are storing your items:

1. You are not spacing out your unit like you do your home; you will use every available square inch to stack your items.

2. Decide if there are items you are not willing to stack. If you decide not to stack certain items this can alter the size and space you need.

3. Trust the person showing you the unit. Working in the storage industry we have a good idea of how your items will fit in the unit, even if it seems impossible.

4. Take stock of all of your items before looking for a unit. Even though we may suggest a unit, if you don’t disclose all of the items you will be storing, you could end up moving your items from one unit to another or taking a second unit. Make a list of all the large items, and a rough number of boxes you will be storing so we can give you an accurate suggestion.

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