What fits?

Storage Unit rental rochester NYIf you are looking for storage here is a rough idea of what you can store in these standard size units.

10x5 units: These units are great for a student’s dorm room which would consist of a desk, dresser, double/twin bed and a few boxes. This size is also popular for seasonal items and clearing the clutter when selling your home.

10x7 units: This unit can hold a small one bedroom apartment with a bed, bedroom set, living room, kitchen and boxes. A 5×10 unit is also popular for clearing the clutter.

10×10 units: This unit holds a two bedroom apartment including both bedroom sets, living room, kitchen and boxes.

10×15 units: A townhouse, condo or small 2-3 bedroom home fits in this unit. This also includes small garage items such as patio furniture, lawnmower or snow blower.

10×20 units: This unit is for a 3-4 bedroom home including garage items.

10×30 units: This unit has access of two garage doors and is very large. This unit is ideal for businesses that need to store a bulk of equipment or supplies.